Silica Fume
Silica fume is an essential ingredient for High strength and High-Performance Concrete. The use of silica fume significantly improves the properties of fresh and hardened concrete and provides two distinct effects: enhanced mechanical properties such as strength and modulus of elasticity, and reduced permeability, which directly improves durability. Silica fume is produced in electric arc furnaces as a by-product of the production of elemental silicon or alloys containing silicon. It is essentially silicon dioxide (85%-95%) in amorphous form and is extremely fine with particle size less than 1 micron. With an average diameter of about 0.1 micron, it is about 100 times smaller than average cement particles. Packaging- 25 kg bags or 600 kg big bags.

Ferroglobe is a global leading producer of silicon metal and its alloys and provides best-in-class services to customers worldwide in fast-growing and dynamic end-sectors such as construction, solar, automotive, consumer products and energy. With more than 120 years of experience.

Ferroglobe manages 26 electrometallurgy production centers on four continents with 69 furnaces worldwide. It is listed on NASDAQ: GSM, with a Market Cap. of $1.3Billion. Chemie Alliance is the authorized distributor for Ferroglobe Silica Fume used in concrete construction activities in the Indian market. At Chemie Alliance, we are deeply committed to contributing to the growth of the Indian infrastructure and construction sector. We proudly offer high-quality Silica Fume, produced in one of the world's best manufacturing facilities owned by the Ferroglobe group. This commitment ensures that we are an integral part of India's development journey.